Chani Gunn

Hi y'all!

I'm a native Texan who has an admiration for light, shadows, and movement. I have two beautiful children and an incredible husband who has supported my dream of photography since the very beginning. I believe nothing in life is an accident, and when we keep our eyes on the Light we never have to fear the darkness. Jesus has always been WAY more than my BFF, and I owe all of my everythings to Him.

I'm flexible and  realistic when it comes to photo sessions, and I totally know photoshoots can bring out the panic in anyone, but don't worry momma! I'm here to help and answer your questions as you prep and prepare for your shoot. I have an appreciation for posed images to be neatly placed on the wall, as well as a passion for the silly, real, fun moments that will make you and generations to follow chuckle.

Most of my sessions take place in the Frisco, Little Elm, Plano, McKinney area, and my calendar fills up very quickly so don't hesitate to book early!

Nothing makes me happier than capturing memories that make people smile for years and years, and I cannot wait to work with you and your family! 

meet CHANI

“Photography is the beauty of life captured.”


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